Monday, November 17, 2008

Stereotype of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

The thing ‘Stereotype’ depend on time, situation and also place. Sometimes it can influence and comes through the religious point of view, country and status. The representation of black people in advertising and commercial products has changed over the past century in west. But in East it also appears in a different way, mainly it shows on the advertisement. How black people have been portrayed in every day objects and how that representation has changed with society and the people who act on it. People also think that way what the way has media present to them.

A news story is influenced by the attitudes and backgrounds of the reporters, photographers and editors who select and edit the images and information they offer us. A photographer or a reporter or the editor what think in their mind that is reflect in the report which they did.

Stereotype of India:

India a country where traditional stereotypes and emphasis on marital status is important fact. India has a lot of prejudices about women, culture and their day to day life. The traditional stereotype of a woman is slowly changing though as western culture influences the Indian mindset and the urban Indian mindset more specifically. But as we think in our mind first we can recall that Indians are more patriotic for their country. Whatever they do in Cricket, Movie and other sector always they try to relate their country in their every work.

In our country the Muslim and the Hindu people has quite different connotation in their mind about India. Some Muslims are in our country think that, Indian people are conservative to their Hinduism and they don’t like Muslims. Indian people are very much selfish they have no hospitality to their neighbor etc. But Hindu people in our country always try to say about India in very positive way. But I think India has a very good platform to live Hindu and Muslims all together very friendly, but sometimes it is hampered by some people who actually don’t like their country.

Indian people are very much conscious about their tradition, heritage and their resources. India is more advance in terms of technology, education, economy etc.

Stereotype of Pakistan:

This is a positive image of Pakistan which actually use for tourist attraction but people from other country don't think in this way.

Pakistan is a country which has very conservative Islamic minded people who are involve with so many Dogma and Prejudice. That's why they were barbaric in 1971 in our country. Muslim militant are very strong in Pakistan they are involve with mass destruction around the country. There has so many historical place in Pakistan but they are not aware of it. Terrorism activity and some evidence shows that it has many terrorist who involve with terrorism.

Stereotype of Bangladesh:

Bangladesh is a village oriented, liveried green developing country which has a long historical movement for its emerge. The Bangladeshi people are very friendly and they love to enjoy their life. Bangladesh stands on a very strong cultural value and it has a rich cultural identity. Bangladeshi people are very much emotional which sometimes cause of their aggressiveness.

Although these stereotype comes from only my mind but it also create by our social structure, time, history and off course media what they present about the country and its people. This concept not only in mine but there are so many people has in our country who has the same perspective about these country.

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Rastar Panchali said...

This is an excellent blog. I am glad that you have used both images and text, and have cited your references. Although there is one which you did not cite:

You must remember to cite every reference for every single quotation you use. If you do not, then you lose points on your blog.